Hi, I’m Esther.

First off I’m a mom to two amazing kids. Jude is 3 and Emma is 7 – my son came about the old fashioned way, my daughter came through foster adoption.

I originally started this blog while living / traveling in the Middle East in 2004, but its purpose has morphed and changed many times along the way.

I spent years studying Arabic and love politics + social issues which is why I got my Master’s in International Relations from Durham University in England.

I’ve been on the internet daily since I was 13 so my life’s trajectory is essentially the by-product of an adolescence filled with unlimited dial-up internet access.

In fact, I met my husband Nick through this here blog. He was a commenter.

(Yes, really.)

After video blogging my 70lb weight loss journey with Weight Watchers in 2006 I became their spokeswoman and then launched my own social marketing consulting company the following year. They were my first my client.

I sometimes speak or hold workshops at conferences but am mostly heads down building my own company – Lifebook,¬†a web app to help organize and ultimately streamline the foster care and adoption process. It’s truly a labor of love as its a set of tools I wish we’d had when going through the adoption journey with Emma.

For 6 years I lived in the midwest but moved the family to San Francisco in April 2012 because a) I love the city; and b) it’s the epicenter of the tech startup world.

- Esther

P.S. You can reach me via my contact form, on Twitter @esthercrawford, or by email: faintstarlite(at)gmail.com

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  1. I found just what I was needed, and it was engaetrinint!

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